Saturday, January 23, 2010

lemon and berries

Thanks to a generous hook-up we have several pots of Piako Gourmet Yoghurt in the fridge, so I thought I’d make my favourite lemon yoghurt cake. I normally wouldn’t cook with this yoghurt as it’s far too precious, but since we had so much of it I didn’t feel too bad. I used the berry flavoured yoghurt and also added some blueberries to the mixture.

The cake was lovely as always– nice and moist with a good lemon flavour. I normally make the cake in a ring tin, but Jane’s kitchen didn’t have one of these (I must remember that for her birthday) so I used a round spring form tin which required close monitoring to ensure the cake didn’t burn but was cooked in the middle. I was surprised that all the blueberries sunk to the bottom, but I guess in hindsight it makes sense given they’d be heavier than the mixture.

Lemon Yoghurt Cake - Alison Holst


  1. Yum! I agree - Piako is precious yoghurt and not usually for cooking unless you have hook-ups. I tried the lemon curd flavour on the weekend. Its my new favourite equal with passionfruit. I had to be quick to get a few spoonfuls as Becky loves it and it didn't last long. Your lemon yoghurt cake looks as delicious as ever. You are looking lovely too!

  2. Hey darling - love the food porn! Hope you are enjoying your new directions XXC

    PS you and Alison have a striking resemblance :-p


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