Saturday, January 30, 2010

lazy Saturday morning

It’s a long weekend here in Auckland. As I’m not going away, I plan to use this time to resume my on-again-off-again relationship with Les (Mills). While deciding which class to attend, I started googling pancake recipes (!) and found this recipe that claims to make perfect pancakes. I convinced myself that the gym could wait and instead whipped up a batch of these.

It was pancakes for two this morning so I halved the recipe which still made plenty. I used a combination of milk and yoghurt rather than buttermilk which worked well. Just as the recipe states the pancakes were indeed fluffy and golden. I served them with brown sugar and lemon juice, apricots that I’d microwaved for a couple of minutes with a teaspoon of sugar (as they were a bit on the hard side) and of course the piako gourmet yoghurt that we’re still working our way through!

I’ll certainly make these pancakes again. However, I don’t recommend them if you’re planning on going to the gym – all they made me feel like doing was putting my feet up and reading the paper. Hopefully Les will still love me tomorrow...

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