Thursday, January 14, 2010

a freshly baked delight

My contribution to the 'communal' blog has been rather limited thus far...due to the lovely Miss Daisy taking up most of my waking hours. She is now 12 weeks old and is busy doing lots of smiling and 'talking'. She loves visiting cafes and listening to Susan Boyle.

Perhaps in a few years Daisy will have some baked goods of her own to display on the blog, whipped up in her very own Daisy-sized Kenwood mixer. (Thank you Aunties Libby and Sarah!)

Battery operated, it is the real deal and comes complete with 3 attachments including a dough hook, and a recipe book featuring sponge cakes and souffles. In the meantime her involvement in things culinary has been restricted to hanging out in the front pack tucked behind my apron, but watch this space...


  1. A freshly baked delight indeed - your best ever! I can't wait to have a cuddle with her again XX

  2. Hi Becky. She's gorgeous! Aunty Miriam has been a bit slack with emailing me photos lately. I'm sure most new mothers don't manage to bake at all so you're doing very well! XOX


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