Monday, April 2, 2012

A few of our favourite things

Libby: Lately I've been making a delicious vinaigrette with capers and parmesan. It's basically this recipe by Julie Buiso, though I use red wine vinegar and the only thing I am precise about is the oil to vinegar ratio. As the recipe suggests it's ideal with a sturdy, bitter leaf like radicchio but it's such a tasty dressing it's also good with something plain like buttercrunch. 


Becs: I am a technology laggard at the best of times, so my recent purchase of a Kindle e-reader was quite proactive! I really enjoy reading and wasn't sure if reading this way would appeal so much, but I just love it. (I love its' snug new Cath Kidston case too...) Perhaps best of all, there is now no unfortunate lag between books when I lament the lack of reading material. A new book is just the press of a button away via my amazon account.


  1. LOVE this dressing too, it totally transforms boring lettuce and the sharpness is perfect with a rich meal.

  2. The e-reader is also my favorite, because I travel a lot and I can have it with me wherever I go... it doesn't take too much space - it's little and portable. I downloaded so many eBooks from All you can books and I have all of them in one place - my online library.

  3. i am always on the look out for a new dressing, i keep making the old honey mustard and i'm boring my salads to tears x thanks for sharing it the weather is still hot here in melbourne so i'll schedule a salad for next week !!


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