Monday, March 26, 2012

A few of our favourite things

Miriam: I am a picker and a licker in the kitchen. I think that's why Becs gave me this tea towel for my birthday back in October. I've just 'framed' it, using an embroidery ring. It now hangs proudly in our kitchen which I think sets the scene nicely.

Libby: My freezer is crammed with things I stash away with the best intentions but never get around to using: overripe bananas to turn into banana bread... leftover bread to blitz into breadcrumbs and half-used bags of frozen vegetables I've long since lost interest in. But in amongst all, carefully wrapped in newspaper I found a small bag of whitebait that I'd bought back in January! A very exciting Sunday evening discovery! The whitebait was turned into fritters with the help of a couple of eggs, a very small amount of flour and some salt and pepper. We ate them with a squeeze of lemon on an unseasonably warm and sunny Wellington evening. It felt like perhaps Summer wasn't quite over.

Becs: I have been on a preserving binge lately. Batches of tomato chilli jam, tomato sauce, pear and walnut chutney and spicy plum sauce have been brewed up, and bottled with the help of my ever faithful wide neck funnel. An essential tool to get sticky things into jars neatly and with a minimum of mess! The funnel was a present from Mum several years ago, and is one of my most used kitchen tools, as I use it weekly when bottling sauces and compotes for Posh Porridge.


  1. The tea towel looks great and what a neat idea to use the embroidery ring to frame it.

    Whitebait fritters make great eating but for one that has not found NZ whitebait in the shops, I wonder what chopped terakihi in the batter would be like instead? I suppose that would really just be a variation on whole terakihi fillets egg and breadcrumbed which I love so much...but, perhaps it would help make the terakihi go further!

  2. Becs, I really savoured the bottle of tomato chilli jam you gave me a couple of years ago. I particularly enjoyed it with slices of cold lamb. Thanks for the link to the recipe; now I have no excuse for not making some myself.

  3. Miriam: It looks great! nice work.
    Becs: I had seen that funnel at home and wondered quite what it's purpose was - how handy. And thanks for sharing your delicious preserves.

  4. Lovely, I too am in a bit of a preserving phase - there was a bacon chilli jam at the Wellington Jam-Off at the weekend and I am really looking forward to having a go making those.

    until a year ago I would have had no idea what a wide funnel was for!

  5. Miriam - I need one of those Tea towels so badly. I honestly think that 20% of what I bake is gone before I finish!

    Libby - You have be craving fritters now! I made some awesome corn fritters, using corn from the cobb.


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