Monday, July 11, 2011

a few of our favourite things...

Becs/Libby: Libby was down in Christchurch this weekend, and after collecting her from the airport on Friday we drove into town to visit the Canterbury Cheesemongers. They sell delicious cheese sandwiches at lunchtime in their own ciabatta rolls. You go into the cheeseroom to peruse and if desired, taste the selection of perfectly ripe cheeses on offer before making a decision (we chose Meyer very old gouda and Pont l'Eveque and then went halves) Your sandwich is then prepared on the spot, complete with chutney and salad greens. A perfect lunch.

Canterbury Cheesemongers is a Christchurch business that has picked itself up post-earthquake(s) and come back just as good as ever. Its Salisbury Street store was demolished after the September earthquake so it re-established itself in Montreal St near the Arts Centre. Thanks to the February earthquake there's now little going on in that part of town but the Canterbury Cheesemongers alone is worth a special trip. Not only for the impressive cheese room but also for the hot-from-the-oven breads and baking. You'll also find Canterbury Cheesemongers at the Christchurch Farmers Market on Saturday mornings selling cheese from their special little cheese van.
Miriam: I love this Casa Rinaldi balsamic reduction; use as a dressing for salad, combined with olive oil and served with bread, drizzled on top of mushroom risotto, splashed onto beetroot while still roasting... it's one of the staples in our pantry and I seem to be constantly finding new uses for it.

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  1. That sandwich (and all the cheese) looks fabulous! I'm definitely adding Canterbury Cheesemongers to the list of places to visit next time I'm down in Christchurch. will have to make a trip down soon :)


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