Monday, July 4, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Becs: It seems to have been a fantastic season for mandarins this year, they have been plentiful and cheap down here in Christchurch. Daisy and I are loving these little NZ satsuma mandarins, just $2kg at our local fruit and veg shop. Small but thin-skinned, juicy and bursting with sweetness. Yesterday we paid a visit to the Halswell Domain, where each Sunday afternoon a group of miniature train enthusiasts crank up a dozen or so little steam trains and offer rides at just $2. Such good, old-fashioned fun. Daisy loved her wee journey over and under bridges and through 'forests' on the 'Rio Grande'.

Libby: Last week I transformed my pantry from a collection of half-empty packages held together with clothes pegs and old cookie-time christmas cookie buckets to an organised masterpiece with the help of a label-maker and a half-price special on Sistema plastic storage containers at New World! I felt slightly silly wheeling a trolley-load of plastic containers up to the checkout but the lovely thing was the checkout ladies were just as excited about the awesome half-price discount as I was! I didn't feel silly enough not to return for round two a couple of night later...

Miriam: I love fresh flowers. In a bid to help combat my flatmate Jane's post holiday depression (after she arrived back from a tropical island getaway) I brought these pretty tulips. They really do brighten up the place.


  1. That pantry is a thing of beauty! Mine is exactly as you describe - every day I vow to do something about the chaos but it never seems to happen. Do you do outcalls?

  2. Once I tried to organise my pantry. I bought containers and jars and everything, but nothing was the right size and then I accumulated more stuff and now I'm back to those clothes-pinned bags piled on top of each other. Yours looks great, Libby!


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