Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursday baking - rhubarb and custard

We seem to be going through a muffin renaissance at our place at the moment. I know the muffin is not cool. They had their day in the nineties, where too-big, too-tough and too-stale mega muffins dominated cafe counters and muffin cookbooks (Mmmmmmuffins...) dominated the bestseller list. But I think a well executed muffin has a lot going for it. Provided they are not the size of a small child's head (ie. less is more), are freshly made (ie. that day) and are generously flavoured (ie.don't be stingy with the blueberries), muffins are quick to make and bake and lovely to eat for morning or afternoon tea.

Today's muffins are jam donut muffins we saw over at Pod and Three Peas. Ours have a filling of rhubarb compote and vanilla bean custard, which I had leftover from the market last weekend and needed to use up. Any good jam would be delicious though. This little pocket of filling tucked in the middle, combined with the crunchy topping made by brushing the cooked tops with a little butter, before dunking them into cinnamon sugar makes for a seriously good muffin. Definitely best warm from the oven, and perfect wet weather baking.

Check out the recipe here.


  1. These look fantastic! I love the idea of custard in the filling, have never thought about it before but YUM!

    Nothing wrong with a well-executed muffin, too - though I know what you mean about the mega muffins, ick! ;)

  2. They look nice. A muffin should be a muffin, not a small cakey mountain.

  3. These look delicious! I've just moved to Canada and everything can be purchased in a packet. I can make banana muffins just by adding a cup of water and an egg - that doesn't seem right when I don't even have to add the banana! I might just have to make these from scratch though!!


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