Monday, February 14, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Becs: It has been incredibly hot in Christchurch this past week, the sort of weather where cooking or indeed sometimes even eating, feels too hard. Our local Vietnamese Myhanh came to the rescue last week with their fresh spring rolls, stuffed full of prawns, crunchy lettuce and beansprouts and fresh mint leaves.

Libby: Inside this unassuming-looking bottle is the most delicious "home made" vinaigrette. It's not hard to mix up a vinaigrette yourself but this stuff is great to have in the fridge for when you can't be bothered. It's particularly good squirted over a crispy iceberg lettuce salad. Mum's an even bigger Chez Nijel fan than I am: she likes to have at least one full bottle in reserve at all times. But it isn't stocked anywhere in Christchurch so I pack a bottle or two every time I head down from Wellington. It's made in Lower Hutt and I'm not sure how far and wide they distribute it. I've found it at Moore Wilson and New World supermarkets around Wellington.

Miriam: The photo I tried to load for my favourite thing kept on turning upside down....(blogspot, why do you make things so difficult sometimes?). So it shall have to wait for next week. And sadly, no, the photo was not of all the flowers I have been inundated with for valentines day.... I guess it's early in the day though, so there's still time!

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