Monday, December 20, 2010

a few of our favourite things

Becs: My favourite 'fancy' salt is Pacific Flaky Sea Salt, made right here in Marlborough, NZ. I prefer it to the imported Maldon salt, the Pacific salt flakes are perfect just as they are to use as a finishing salt. Best of all you can find it in most supermarkets for around the $5 mark. I buy the iodised variant.

Miriam: Despite my birthday being two months ago, this week I got two presents. One was this beautiful ring that my friends Lewi, Jane, Nat & Kate all contributed to. It's made in rose gold and has a sapphire in the middle. The other was a pair of glasses, spectacles in fact. A present from Dad, who proceeded to inform me that boys seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses! Humph!

Libby: I was contemplating boning a chicken but wasn't sure I'd still want to eat chicken afterwards so called the Wadestown Gourmet Butchery to see about getting a professional to do the job. I dropped off my stuffing and a short while later I picked up my boned, stuffed, free-range, corn-fed chicken that had been neatly "bazooka-ed" into netting! All for their everyday price for a chicken. Such service!


  1. mmmm yum! What kind of stuffing?

  2. Chloe - the stuffing is apricots, prunes & pistachios - adapted from a Ruth Pretty recipe:

    Miriam - lovely ring. I look forward to seeing it in real life sometime soon

  3. Hi, the butcher who did the same for me was A E Prestons on Hopper St. They boned out two chickens for me, charged me $20 and also gave me the carcasses for stock. I just had to order them before 4pm the day before. Go Wellington butchers!


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