Monday, October 11, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Miriam: I first tried this salad at a family BBQ a year or so ago and just loved it. I've never written the recipe down so it tends to be a bit different every time I make it, but the concept is the same. This version used pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds and peanuts, roasted with turmeric, cumin and coriander seeds (keep a careful eye on the nuts and seeds as it's very easy to burn them). Stir this mixture through some chickpeas, chopped celery and beetroot. Dress with balsamic vinegar, and add fresh coriander if you so desire. This is a robust salad with great flavour and texture, which we now call the 'lets go nuts salad'.

Becs: I think the best ciabatta in NZ is made by artisan baker Rachel Scott. She bakes just twice a week, but the ciabatta keeps quite well, freezes perfectly, and toasts up beautifully. Rachel's bread is freighted nationwide, and at around $5-$6 a loaf is I think value for money when you compare the quality to most other bread marketed as 'ciabatta'. Try it toasted and filled with caramelised onions and thinly sliced rare beef for the ultimate steak sandwich.

Libby: With the temperature in the 30s and high humidity here in Hoi An, I have been enjoying fresh watermelon juice as a lovely refreshing drink. It's just like a slice of fresh watermelon but without all the annoying little black pips! I have no idea how much watermelon is required to fill a glass and doubt I'll ever be making this myself at home but it's been a delicious treat on hot days.

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