Monday, October 4, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Miriam: I planted poppies in the garden well over a month ago, and have been upset to see most of them battered around with all the wind and rain. However, Sunday was a beautiful day in Auckland, and after being out in the Waitakeres walking the stunning Omanawanui Track I was excited to come home and discover that this pink poppy had emerged. It looks oh so cheery and reminds me that summer is well and truly on its way.
Becs: I love my Mastrad mandoline, and use it regularly, mostly to finely shred cabbage, slice potatoes thinly and evenly for gratins, and apples for puddings. Not a kitchen tool for the faint-hearted - a steady hand is required - a mandoline makes quick and perfect work of vege prep. If you were so inclined you could also use the fancy rippled edge option to make retro garnishes...It's plastic, and pretty cheap at $60, compared to the stainless steel versions that can cost hundreds, but does the trick for a utensil used maybe once a week or so and is still nice and sharp a few years later. I bought my mandoline from one of my favourite sources of kitchenware - Table Pride. This little shop in Tauranga boasts an extenstive array of top brands, and their excellent website guarantees their prices to be the lowest online. Be sure to check their site before buying elsewhere!


  1. A friend of mine hiked that track and put photos up on facebook. It's on my list for my next visit. You certainly pay a premium for good kitchen ware in NZ. I guess it's no wonder, by the time you take into account taxes and the exchange rate. Good tools are not optional though, are they?

  2. Congratulations! I see that you have had over 20,000 different computers (people) visit your site. Well done!


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