Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dinner date - hello asparagus!

New season's asparagus has just arrived in NZ, so has been gracing our table this past week. (Although we did enjoy a sneak preview while in Noosa...) Dinner on Friday was a simple affair, in attempt to do justice to what is possibly my favourite vegetable. Toasted Vogels bread topped with a perfectly poached free-range egg and a handful of steamed asparagus, all covered generously with some freshly grated parmesan. (Well Grana Padano to be precise...cheaper than Reggiano but with miles more flavour than the soapy NZ stuff...) Simple and so delicious.


  1. Asparagus really is such a treat, esp. with such a well poached egg, yummo:)Hope you managed to have a lovely holiday x

  2. I would have happily come to dinner!

  3. I wish you come for dinner Jenny! xx


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