Monday, June 21, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

Miriam: After a couple of wines at my favourite local bar Winehot, some friends and I wanted a cheap and cheery dinner. We took a risk and tried our luck with an unknown (to us) Chinese restaurant across the road; Vanilla Noodle House. The risk paid off! For the grand total of $11.60 each, the 5 of us shared 5 dishes and were stuffed full of yummy food. The highlight were these prawn, pork, egg and chive dumplings; fresh and delicious and at $9 for 20 dumplings, it just goes to show, sometimes it is nifty to be thrifty!

Libby: Most of Saturday morning was spent at the farmers market at Riccarton House. I bought some Italian sausages from The Real Sausage Company to bring back to Wellington with me. These sausages are heavily spiced so I like to remove them from their skins, cook them into a ragu and serve on one of my other favourite things... wide ribbons of parpadelle.

Becs: I love these coffee beans from Peoples Coffee that Libby brought down to Christchurch this weekend. My Rocket espresso machine is highly fickle when it comes to the freshness of coffee beans, and it worked wonders with these beautiful beans that were roasted just days ago. (Although I suspect Libby's excellent barista skills also came into play!) PC commendably state on their packaging the date of roast, rather than the over-extended best before date that most NZ coffee roasters favour, that gives absolutely no indication of the freshness of the beans.

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