Monday, June 7, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

Miriam: I have quite a collection of scarfs - I love both the warmth and splash of colour they provide during the colder months. My latest addition is this wee silk number from State of Grace in Kingsland. I'm not sure it will provide much warmth, but I rate it quite highly on the prettiness / French chic scale.

Libby: I love this dried pappardelle pasta and much prefer it to any of the commercial fresh pasta you can buy. I buy a couple of different brands - Divella, (though Thorndon New World always seems to run out of it), and De'Cecco (always in stock at Mediterranean Food Warehouse in Newtown). I think they're pretty reasonably priced ($5/250g box) given you can pay upwards of $20 for some imported Italian dried pastas but an Italian friend was horrified to hear what I was willing to pay for something that only costs a euro or two in Italy!

Becs: I think most of us have good intentions of eating more fish, but it can be difficult to source good quality, fresh fish. Let's face it, most supermarket fish counters leave a lot to be desired, and good fishmongers can be few and far between. Homefresh Deliveries is a Christchurch based business that make it easy to eat more fish. They deliver fresh fish to your door once a week, in our case each Tuesday. You fill in a form when you sign up with them ranking your fish preferences, so they never deliver anything you dislike, but what turns up in your reusable chilly bin each week is a complete surprise. It is such a great way to eat a wide variety of fish, and a challenge to cook it creatively.

Daisy just loves her snug new sleeping bag that attaches to her buggy. With her sheepskin tucked inside too she is as warm as toast when we are out and about in wintery Christchurch weather. Oh the luxury of being a baby!

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  1. Miriam your new scarf is lovely but I wish your beautiful face had featured in the shot as well!


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