Monday, October 1, 2012

A few of our favourite things

Becs: Confession time...I am rather fond of supermarket baked goods.  This appreciation was likely passed on from my Grandma who would shop up a storm at the Foodtown bakery in preparation for morning and afternoon teas.  The rainbow cakes above called to me last week at New World.  Feeling under the weather with a nasty cold, the lure of fluffy sponge and mock cream was too much, and I popped one in the trolley.  Other favourites include supermarket-style orange chocolate chip muffins (not a drop of real orange of course), chocolate sponge rolls with mock cream and New World bakery pizza buns, topped with bacon of sorts and a sweet BBQ sauce. Terrible stuff I know - but dare I say it - so bad it's good. You never want to look too closely at the ingredients label, but nostalgia is a strong thing, and that rainbow cake was sweet perfection.


  1. Wow, rainbow sponge! That brings childhood memories flooding back. I'm all for those sorts of guilty pleasures - I love cream doughnuts for my mock cream needs. ;-)

  2. I agree - rainbow sponge is an all time favourite of mine. There was even a book I has has a child about rainbow sponge cake.
    mm mock cream..


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