Monday, May 7, 2012

A few of our favourite things...

Libby: This funny-looking contraption is a tea infuser! I've been using it lots to make loose-leaf herbal tea by the cup. It's very handy at work when I just want to make a cup, rather than a pot of tea. You just squeeze the handles to open the scoop, trap lots of tea leaves inside, then place in your mug and pour over boiling water and leave it until it's how you like it. I bought mine from t leaf T in Wellington but you can pick them up from kitchenware shops too for about $6-$7.

Miriam: Yet another favourite thing that started with a recommendation from Libby. This Scanpan Chef Pan has fast become one of my most favourite kitchen items. It's non stick (but you can use metal utensils on it), it goes from element to oven, and it's so versatile; you can make a stew or a pancake in it.  Since buying it at Moore Willsons a few months ago, I also now receive emails from Libby with recommendations of good dishes to make it, like this delicious pumpkin dish, or this chicken, leak and peer salad Bec's posted on the blog last year.  I can't believe I've gone all these years without this pan; now I couldn't do without it!


  1. Miriam, we should start a little scanpan fan club! Love mine too.

  2. Really it can go into the oven? With the handles? What are they made of?


  3. Can you use it in the oven with the handles not melting? Have tried with my 'pseudo pan!' and guess what????
    Recipes sound just what I'm looking for.

  4. Yes, absolutely fine to put in the oven with the handles - up to about 260 degrees C. Not sure what they're made of but something that can handle high temps! You just have to really careful when you take it out of the oven to remember that it's been in the oven! Occasionally I have forgotten how long the handles hold heat for and because they don't look hot, I touch the handles... and then drop it very quickly!

  5. I want one of those pans so much now I've seen it!


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