Monday, December 12, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Miriam: Whenever I go home to my parents place I have a wee chuckle as I see bottles of wine labeled with post-it-notes saying 'expensive'. This is Mum's strategy to ensure that family members with less refined tastes (i.e. Dad) select the appropriate bottle to match the occasion. For my birthday this year, my family gave me two knives, one a bread knife, and one the Scanpan knife picture above. Mum (rightly so) felt I wasn't very educated on knives, so informed me that the bread knife was in the 'expensive' category and the yellow one was not. Well, both knives have proved to be dreams to cut with. But I was astounded to hear that this yellow knife cost around $10. What a bargain! It's become my go-to all purpose knife. I wonder if the wines minus the post-it-notes are also as good?!

Becs: Now that the weather is warmer it has been goodbye to porridge and hello to more summery breakfasts. Here is todays - bircher muesli. I just soak rolled oats, linseed and chopped dates in milk overnight with a little honey and cinnamon. In the morning I add a grated apple, spoonful of yoghurt and any other toppings lurking around. Today it was accompanied with a dollop of lemon curd, some strawberries foraged from the garden pre-breakfast, and some toasted almonds and pumpkin seeds. It was so good I may just have more for lunch!


  1. After that 'cutting' remark by Miriam, GP says her Christmas present is going to be a bottle of two-buck-chuck!!!!

  2. That yellow knife is so cute! Is it plastic or metal? I have a regular looking scanpan chefs knife and I love it. It's not a cheapie though but I did get it for free.

    The post-it notes are a riot! I can imagine my parents doing the same thing. But fair enough. I can't tell the difference between an expensive bottle and an acceptable bottle so no need to waste an expensive one on me :)

  3. Gosh, your bircher makes mine look like a bowl of slop! And to think I posted it as a fav thing awhile ago. Shameful.

  4. That is hilarious re the post-its - and thanks for the great tip on the knife, I immediately want one! I recently got a hot pink mini silicon spatula as a housewarming present and it is my new favourite tool (though admittedly, it's not so hot on cutting stuff up)... lovely bircher too x


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