Monday, November 21, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Miriam: I came across this wee rhubarb stall on Kensington Ave in Mt Eden. I rummaged through my handbag and managed to scrounge together $2 so as to pluck off one of the bags hooked to the tree (leaving the sole bag pictured here). I roasted my rhubarb with some brown sugar and the juice of an orange. The plan was to have it as a topping for my morning cereal, however it was just so delicious I kept sneaking pieces from the fridge, so it didn't last long!

Libby: For the last couple of months we've been buying "homemade" eggs from someone we know in Featherston whose chickens have been laying like mad. The eggs have been a real treat - beautifully fresh and with the brightest yellow yolks I've ever seen - but our supply may be coming to an end. It seems the chickens are slowing down and it's taking longer to put together a dozen eggs so there was a marked difference in freshness between eggs in the last carton. The difference became very apparent when I poached a few eggs on Sunday and found some held together firmly and others, disappointingly, disintegrated into wispy threads.

Becs: I have just returned from a visit to Southland, where my dear friend Rachel was married. What a perfect time of year for a wedding, coinciding with when paeonies pay their short seasonal visit.  They featured abundantly in the table settings tucked into candelabra, in the bridal  party flowers, and vasefuls of lush bunches like those above.


  1. Uhuhu my rhubarb is still so small! I mean... short! I hope I can have some before I am going overseas. Love the peonies too, pity they don't grow in the North Island!

    Have a good week


  2. That is what I love about NZ, the home grown produce sold from alittle stall outside your house, or even better hanging from the tree like this rhubarb

  3. So cool, that rhubarb stall :) I've yet to try cooking with rhubarb, it's been on my list for a while... will have to try it soon.

    Hope the chickens find new inspiration soon!

    Those peonies are huge! Southland'd be so beautiful right about now... oh been ages since I was last there.

  4. Bummer about the eggs, they should sell boxes of 6. I dream about keeping a few chickens and I would probably bear to with eggs in pairs. Maybe cut up trays and leave a fresh pair of eggs on my neighbours doorstep? Maybe not the doorstep in case they're in a rush out the door in the morning. I've never used rhubarb, but yours sounds delicious.


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