Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the quest for brownie perfection...

I love brownies, and always like to try new recipes for them, ever searching for the 'perfect' brownie recipe - which in my view would replicate the divine raspberry and white chocolate version sold at Traiteur in Christchurch. These are ultra gooey, with a ganache like centre and beg to be eaten slowly with a strong espresso...

This brownie recipe won the 'Grand Champion' prize in the recent 'NZ's favourite recipe' competition and contains pretty shocking amounts of butter and sugar etc but to be fair it does make a huge trayful. I made the 'flash' version with frozen raspberries, an essential ingredient to a good brownie if you ask me, to cut through the sweetness.

As with all brownies the edges unavoidably ended up more well done than the gooey centre. You can see in the picture that the chopped dark chocolate sank to the bottom, while the frozen raspberrries which get sprinkled on at the end stayed on top, creating a kind of layered effect that was quite nice albeit unintentional.

All in all these brownies were pretty good - very fudgy and dark thanks to plenty of cocoa. Easy to make too with no chocolate melting required - and I dare say they would be delicious made without the chopped chocolate through them too.

The roasting tray was duly divided up and samples travelled north to Wellington and Auckland - grateful recipients feel free to add a comment with your opinion...You can find the brownie recipe by clicking here.


  1. As a very grateful Wellington recipient, I can confirm that the brownie is absolutely delicious - extremely rich, so only need a small piece at a time. With all that cocoa, I agree they would be just as delicious without the chopped chocolate, although perhaps not quite as ‘flash’. xx

  2. Delicious brownie! and it didn't last long once I got it back to Wellington - last night I generously offered Jabez the last piece then realised he had already eaten it!


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